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Executive Committee: President, Vice President, Secretary, Social Secretary, Welfare Officer, Domestic Rep, Academic Affairs Officer, Livers Out Officer, Treasurer.

Non-Executive Officers: Chair, Sports, Assistant Welfare, Assistant Social, Web Officer, Environment & Ethics Officer, Charities Officer, Trinity Hall House Rep.

Executive Committee

The MCR Executive Committee is a group of MCR Officers who, in addition to their specific duties, collectively have day-to-day responsibility for the affairs of the MCR.

President: Frederik Seidelin Frederik Seidelin

The President leads the Executive Committee, and has has an important role in representing MCR members within the College and University and as part of this sit on several boards and meetings including the College Governing Body and the MCR Presidents' Committee. They are also responsible for furthering relations with the JCR and SCR.

Vice President: Elizabeth Hoyt Elizabeth Hoyt

The VP works with the President in the running of the MCR and supports their duties as appropriate. This role involves becoming engaged in a wide range of duties associated with the running of the MCR.

Treasurer: James Baldwin James Baldwin

A vital job, the Treasurer is primarily in charge of the coffers. It is their job to set appropriate budgets for MCR activities and to ensure that the MCR stays financially sound so that it can provide a wide range of opportunities to its members. The Treasurer needs to keep accurate and up to date records in order for the MCR to be accountable to the College and University.

Secretary: Joseph Foxall Joseph Foxall

The Secretary is primarily responsible for keeping accurate minutes of MCR and MCR Exec meetings, and for publishing the agenda ahead of these. The Secretary also deals with administrative activities within the MCR.

Social Secretary: Owen Stenner-Matthews Owen Stenner-Matthews

Takes a specific hold on the organisation of all events and activities that the MCR puts on. It's a fun and creative position making a real mark upon the face of the MCR, but also involves practical organisation and planning.

Welfare Officer: Krystal Osborn Krystal Osborn

Is responsible for the welfare concerns of the MCR, the Welfare Officer's role entails meeting with MCR members confidentially and liaising with the MCR Executive to discuss how they best benefit the greater welfare needs of their members.

Domestic Officer: Oliver Burnham Oliver Burnham

The Domestic Officer is responsible for the general upkeep of the MCR room. They ensure the MCR is kept fully stocked with basic supplies, such as milk and tea, and liaise with Catering and Maintenance staff.

Livers-Out Officer: Oliver Bridal Oliver Bridal

The Livers-Out Officer is responsible for the well-being and inclusion of Chadsians who do not live in college accommodation.

Academic Affairs Officer: Curtis Runstedler Curtis Runstedler

Offers academic enrichment for members of the MCR, organising seminars and wider events.

Non-Executive Officers

Chair: Samuel Lindan Samuel Lindan

Runs General Meetings of the MCR membership, and maintains the Constitution and Standing Orders.

Charities Officer: Charlotte Rhian Charlotte Rhian

The Charities Officer plans and promotes charitable events and contributions by the MCR, and represents the MCR on the JCR-run Charities Committee.

Environment & Ethics Officer: Paul Chaplin Paul Chaplin

The Environment and Ethics Officer promotes ethical and environmentally sustainable practice within the MCR, aids the Domestic Rep with adhering to the MCR's Fairtrade Policy, and represents the MCR at the College's Environment and Fairtrade Committee.

Assistant Welfare Officer: Vacant <i>Vacant</i>

Normally of another gender to the Welfare Officer, and helps them with their duties.

Sports Officer: Alex Blakoe Alex Blakoe

The Sports Officer promotes participation in sport, and encourages us in our sporting activities.

Assistant Social Secretary: Natalie Goodison Natalie Goodison

Does exactly what it says on the tin: assists the Social Secretary with the planning and organisation of social events.

Web Officer: Dana Durkee Dana Durkee

Responsible for the online presence of the MCR, including the maintenance of the website.